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Download book Color Atlas of Dental Hygiene Periodontology — Herbert F.Wolf в формате PDF. Medicine is an ever-changing science undergoing
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Structural biology
Etiology and pathogenesis
Pathogenesis — Reactions and defense capabilities of the host
Types of plaque — Associated periodontal diseases
Ulcerative gingivitis/periodontitis
Hormonally modulated gingivitis
Oral pathologic alterations of gingiva and periodontium
Hiv infection — Aids
Gingival recession
Data collection — diagnosis — prognosis
Microbial diagnosis — test methods
Tests of the host response — risks
Prevention — Prophylaxis
Treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases — introduction
Periodontal wound healing
Systemic pre-phase
Emergency treatment
Phase 1 therapy
Initial treatment 1 • Oral hygiene by the patient
Initial treatment 1 • Creating conditions that enhance oral hygiene
Initial treatment 2 — Causal, antimicrobial therapy by the dental team
FMT — “Full mouth therapy”
Phase 2 therapy periodontal surgery — Corrective phase
Phase 3 therapy periodontal maintenance therapy — Recall
Dental implants — Implant therapy
Geriatric periodontology?
Classification of periodontal diseases

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Download Color Atlas of Dental Hygiene Periodontology — Wolf